Meeting with the Other Youth Organizations in Zamboanga #Philippines

IAYSP Zamboanga Chapter, coordinated by the Local Youth Development Office headed by Selina Espiritusanto-Cabiara PPW I., attended the meeting on February 10, 2021.

Various youth organizations around Zamboanga have engaged in supporting each other and through this meeting, they aimed on realizing what it means to be part of youth organizations and to substantiate a meaningful plan and success for the future.

IAYSP Zamboanga Chapter also had the opportunity to convene with Zamboanga’s City Federation President, Hon. Cary John O. Pioc SK, and the Ferndale International School. Both are willing to be build connections with IAYSP and are looking forward to many events being organized.

Hon. Cary John O. Pioc SK Zamboanga City Federation President, Selina Espiritusanto-Cabiara PPW I/ Local Youth Development Officer, and Brian Catbay – President, YSP Zamboanga Chapter