Meeting with RVP # South Africa

Regional Vice President (RVP), Mica Amanlaman, called upon the 18 and above youth for a casual meeting to develop and form a relationship with them at the Wendywood centre. The group met for pizza and discussions, which was an effective platform for RVP to understand the situations and headspace of the youth.

This gathering was the first time RVP could meet with the youth of South Africa in such a setting. She has a deep interest in getting to know the young people of South Africa. We gathered together in a circle to formally start the meeting, we introduced ourselves to her, and she briefly gave her self-introduction.

The RVP asked us to write down any questions or concerns about our life for discussion later in the afternoon. We then had some lunch and came back inside to discuss further. The main discussion topic was regarding fundamental values before getting married. There were questions about general life struggles and explanations about study programs available in Korea. The meeting was very fruitful, and the youth felt a sense of relief in being able to speak about topics that are not openly shared.