Interfaith Conference & Chatacter Education #Cameroon

Two youths plus the three representative of IAYSP Cameroon attended a conference in Yaounde Pastoral Mission situated in Etoug-Ebe. At this conference, IAYSP gave introductions and invited the participants to a future conference meeting.

The main representative of Pastoral Mission was pleased so she promised to mobilize as many youth as possible to future conferences and seeks partnership in educating the youth of the Mission she founded.

A week before the conference, some youth from the Mission volunteered to perform outreach and invite people.
The conference took place at the National HQ, Cite Verte, with the theme, “Transforming passion into goals, goals into principles.”

The main speakers were the National Coordinators of IAYSP and YSD. Ten people from the church YSP visited last Sunday were in attendance, with several youth who were contacted by the YSP volunteers. They were invited to come every Saturday to partake in the character education program. The hope is that there will be more young people from different backgrounds working for a better world.