Let`s Clean #Uruguay

On October 18, IAYSP Uruguay carried out the activity “Let’s clean Uruguay with love.” This is a continuation of the neighbourhood cleaning activities that IAYSP Uruguay members have been doing in previous years. Despite the coronavirus pandemic, IAYSP Uruguay members carried out the activity with strict prevention measures, with twelve people participating.

The activity lasted approximately 3 hours, beginning with an explanation of the purposes of IAYSP and the activities we did in previous years. A word from the autobiography of IAYSP founders about living for the sake of others was shared and set individual and group goals to work on during the activity. The participants started to clean up the neighbourhood from the centre of YSP. Many passers-by on the street encouraged us and showed interest in our activities. At the end of the activity, the participants shared their reflections, and many people felt that IAYSP Uruguay members should increasingly raise awareness about owning the environment.