Korean Culture and History Contest #Nicaragua

On August 27, IAYSP Nicaragua inaugurated the IAYSP Club; dedicated exclusively to promoting Korean culture and history.

In September, the IAYSP Club launched a Korean history and culture contest, arousing the interest of many young people from different countries. After three weeks of study with material prepared by IAYSP staff, young people participated in an engaging and educational event held on October 3, through Zoom.

The participants answered questions about the history, gastronomy, culture, and various moments of Korea’s history, and were especially able to learn more about the work carried out by different providential organizations focused on achieving Peaceful Reunification on the Korean Peninsula.

After the event, young people joined IAYSP and were motivated to continue participating and become active members of IAYSP.On October 10, at the Nicaragua headquarters, the award was presented to the winning team of the Korean culture and history contest.

In a gesture of deep gratitude, the team members received Korean culinary products, shared lunch, and heard an explanation about the mission and vision of IAYSP.