K-World & Peace: Hallyu Festival in Support of Pacification (Brazil)

Event’s Banner

Some of the participants

On April 24th, K-WORLD & PEACE: Hallyu Festival, in Support of Pacification, took place, an event on the unification of the Koreas, organized by the Council of the Unification of the Koreas – Brazil Division (Nuac-Brasil), with support from the public and private bodies, and supported by YSP-Brasil.

More than 600 people participated in the virtual event, with presentations of martial arts, traditional Korean dances, and k-pop singers, in addition to the presence of 13 federal deputies and other authorities.

YSP-Brasil participated in the mobilization of spectators, inviting all young people who follow their activities to attend the event, which was successful and represented a significant step in raising public awareness about the value of uniting Koreas.