K-World & Peace: Hallyu Festival in Support of Pacification #Brazil

Event’s Banner

On April 24, K-World and Peace: Hallyu Festival was held. The festival was in support of Pacification and advocated for the unification of the Koreas and organized by the Council of the Unification of the Koreas – Brazil Division (Nuac-Brasil), with support from the public and private bodies, and supported from YSP Brazil.

More than six hundred people participated in the virtual event, with presentations of martial arts, traditional Korean dances, and k-pop singers; in addition to the presence of thirteen federal deputies and other authorities.

YSP Brazil participated in the mobilization of audience members, inviting all young people who follow their activities to attend the event. This was successful and represented a significant step forwards in raising public awareness about the value of uniting North and South Korea.

Some of the participants