International Youth Day 2020 #Japan

From July 18 – August 12, International Association of Youth and Students for Peace Japan promoted the celebration of the International Youth Day 2020 in Japan. In commemoration of this day, volunteering activities and several youth events were realized across seven prefectures in Japan.

All of the events are organized by youth and students. More than three hundred youth will join in activities under the theme, “Youth Engagement for Global Action,” to celebrate International Youth Day 2020.

Katashina Village Cleanup Project (August 14)
Café 2050 Youth Leadership Forum (July 18)
Omiya Smile Cleanup Project (August 2)

Peace Road (July 12)

Japan-Turkey Friendship Online Exchange Program (August 10)

Ashida River Cleanup Project (July 19)
Honkawamachi Cleanup Project (July 26)
Food Giving Project (August 2)

Ayaragi Beach Cleanup Project (August 1)
Youth Hope Cleanup Project (August 1)
Cleanup Project in Ube city (August 2)