International Youth Day 2020 (Japan)

International Association of Youth and Students for Peace (IAYSP-Japan) encourages to promote the “International Youth Day 2020” from July 18 to Aug 12 in Japan. We did some volunteer activities and hold several youth events for in 7 prefectures in Japan.

All of the events are organized by youth and students; more than 300 youth will join in activities under the theme of “Youth Engagement for Global Action” to celebrate International Youth Day 2020.
◆Kanto Katashina Village Clean-up Project (August 14)
Café 2050 Youth Leadership Forum (July 18)
Omiya Smile Clean-up Project (August 2)

 Peace Road (July 12)

Japan-Turkey Friendship Online Exchange Program (August 10)
◆Hiroshima:  Ashida River Clean-up Project (July 19)
Honkawamachi Clean-up Project (July 26)
 Food Giving Project (August 2)

Ayaragi Beach Clean-up Project (August 1) Youth Hope Clean-up Project (August 1)
Clean-up Project in Ube city (August 2)