International Youth Assembly 2019 #Palau

Theme: “The Role of Youth in Creating a Culture of Peace”

Following the success of the International Youth Assembly (IYA) in the mountainous nation of Nepal in December, 2018, IAYSP Asia-Pacific established a wave of youth empowerment to the island nation of Palau. This year’s assembly took place in a pristine paradise, at Ngarachamayong Cultural Center on December 11, 2019. In attendance were over seven hundred youth and students from fourteen schools and organizations of the host nation, Palau; as well as more than one hundred international youth participants. This level of attendance was historical as it was the largest number of youth and students ever gathered in an inter-school assembly on the island.

IAYSP aims to empower youth to be committed to building and maintaining healthy lifestyles choices by encouraging them to form good relationships, both in their families and communities, by living more for others than for themselves. This has enlightened youth regarding their essential role in peace and nation building. Participants recited the Pledge of Filial Piety to strengthen their commitment to the cause of peace and become filial children to their parents and patriots in their nation. There were cultural performances and a public speaking program called S!NERGY.

On the following day, the IYA event was featured in Tia Belau; a widely read national newspaper in Palau.


Dr. Robert S. Kittel, Chair, IAYSP International
Mr. Koji Matsuda, President, IAYSP International
Prof. Richell Jalipa, President, IAYSP Asia-Pacific
Mr. Daniel Meadows, President, IAYSP Oceania
Mr. Purna Koirala, Director, UPF Palau
Mr. Hadden Seklii, President, Palau National Youth Council
Hon. Kezang Wangmo, Former Parliament Member, Parliament of Bhutan
Mr. Manzel Ngirmeriil, Palau Pledge Youth Ambassador
Mr. Ronnie Sodusta, Secretary General, IAYSP Asia-Pacific