International Day of Peace (Congo)

Shaping peace together is the theme chosen by the UN for the celebration of the International Day of Peace in 2020. To support this day, IAYSP Congo organized a conference in Pointe-Noire & Brazzaville, September 19 & 26, 2020.

In the city of Pointe-Noire, the conference had the participation of 30 people, including the National Legal Representative of FFWPU-Congo, Rév. Ndielle Norbert, the Secretary-General of FPU Pointe-Noire, Se Zodji Augustin, the Vice-Chairman of UPF Pointe-Noire, Se Bounda Michel, the President of AIJEP Congo, Se Loko Yvan, as well as 03 President of the various associations and their members. Rév. Ndielle Norbert developed the theme, Mr. Se Bounda Michel, read the message of peace by the UN Secretary-General. And finally, the presentation of IAYSP was made by the president Se Loko.

In Brazzaville, 50 people from the invited organizations attended it. There were several interventions, such as the one given by the Vice-Coordinator of IAYSP Brazzaville, the leader of Brech Mbouma, who delivered the opening words and then presented YSP to the guests. The followed interventions were given by the Representative of the United Nations, the presidents of the associations present, and the Director of Education of YSP Brazzaville who analyzed the theme according to the vision of YSP. Another highlight of this meeting was the courageous cultural part animated by some leaders of YSP.
In order to honor the associations that took part in this activity, the Vice-Coordinator proceeded to the decoration of the presidents of these different associations and expressed a wish to see his associations take part alongside YSP to sensitize young people to become true peacemakers. This lively appeal to these organizations and words of thanks addressed to all the participants by the Coordinator, the signature on the banner followed by a family photo and an aperitif, marked the end of the activity. For their part, Dazzled by the level of organization, the quality of education promoted, and the welcome from YSP, the guests did not fail to express their satisfaction, and many have promised to work with YSP to expand such initiatives.