Interfaith Harmony Week and international Day of Human Fraternity (Benin)

IAYSP-Benin organized a webinar to commemorate the International Day of Human Fraternity and the Week of Interfaith Harmony on February 07th, 2021.

This event, which took place online, was attended by around 150 people.
Among these personalities, we can cite the mayor of the municipality of Pobè (a town in Benin) representing the Head of State, His Excellency Patrice TALON, the Vice President of the Association of Youth of Celestial Christianity (AJCC ) Seigneur ADJIBI of Benin, Ambassador Ahmed BOLORI of Nigeria, the spokesperson of the political parties of niger Mr. Rabiou Mama, the president of the Algerian youth association Mohamed KASGEM, the president of the youth parliament Amira Said of Egypt, religious leaders from Ghana.

Participants understood the responsibility youth have in a world facing challenges such as human fraternity, coexistence, and a culture of peace.

Also, they organized a football tournament for interfaith harmony between 4 teams representing Traditional religions, Eastern Religions, Judaïsm-Christianism, and Islam.

This one took place at Cotonou a day before, and around 100 people attended it. And this time, they understood the importance of maintaining a climate of peace between the different religions and committed themselves to create more harmony.