Identify with Orphans and At-Risk Youth #Liberia

Location: JFK Medical Center of Mental Health, the Benettas Orphanages Home, the Relief Children Center Orphanage Home, and two Youth At-risk Camps, at Du-port Road, Paynesville City, Liberia
Date : May 4 ~ 5 , 2020
Partner: Restoring Lives Ministries  International (RLMI)
# of participants: 9

From May 4 – 6, 2020, in collaboration with “Restoring Lives Ministries International”, IAYSP Liberia members visited two orphanages – the JFK Medical Centre and two youth at-risk camps in Paynesville – as a way to raise awareness within the city and identify with people in different circumstances.

Members were welcomed by the Deputy Administrator, proprietors, children at the orphanage and youth of the camps. They listened to the challenges faced on a daily basis due to the lack of sufficient medicine, food, clothes, and toys for the children.

Face masks, buckets, tide soaps, and Clorox were donated to the administrator at each setting; to the benefit of around two hundred sixty-four people.

In the youth camps, education was provided about the reality of COVID-19 and preventative strategies using sanitary equipment taught to bolster hope and encouragement for positive change in the future.

Considerable amounts of gratitude were shown to the participants and they were encouraged to do more and come back again.