IAYSP-Zimbabwe inauguration

IAYSP Zimbabwe held an inauguration ceremony at Allan Wilson High School on February 15, 2020. Nine-hundred students including 43 high school teachers, 42 religious leaders and three representatives from the Zimbabwe United Nations Association (ZUNA) gathered for the program. The theme was, “Be Ambitious Centering on True Love.” Participants got an opportunity to use the platform to share about their youth movement.

Kenta Kishi, Secretary General of IAYSP-Zimbabwe, explained the vision and activities of YSP. He proposed to create a character education council to work on promoting character education at the local level together with the school teachers. Callisto Mushati, President of IAYSP-Zimbabwe, mentioned the importance of youth education, saying youth education is the key agent to create the future Zimbabwe. A lot of students were excited to join in YSP education programs. The keynote address was given by Dr. Susan Sibanda, Secretary of Ministry of Education. She appreciated YSP’s vision and dedication. She told all the participants to join YSP. She was especially inspired by the service projects that YSP promoted. Mr. Koji Matsuda, President of IASYP, gave the inaugural speech. He introduced YSP activities in other countries and emphasized the importance of filial piety for internal development of heart. Following his speech, all the teachers and religious leaders signed the resolution launching YSP. All participants were determined to cooperate in youth education curricula to solve the serious social problems rooted in the immorality of youth and breakdown of the family.  There was also a S!NERGY public speaking contest followed by a special dance team. The atmosphere was extremely energetic with young passion. Finally, Mrs. Muchinapo, President of ZUNA, gave closing remarks and expressed her gratitude for the event.

In total, 530 students, teachers and religious leaders submitted YSP membership applications. The next step is to register YSP with the government and create a character education council with teachers to develop a national curriculum.