IAYSP EUME leaders’ meeting & Peace Designer education (Austria)

We had the first leaders’ meeting of IAYSP EUME in Vienna, Austria, under the leadership of our regional YSP leader, Jeong-hye Yeom. The President of YSP International, Dr. Robert Kittel, had sent YSP International Senior Vice-President Koji Matsuda and director of IAYSP USA, Naokimi Ushiroda, to educate, inspire and guide the leaders of IAYSP EUME. We are so grateful that they could come to us at this time! The YSP leaders meeting was combined with a one-day Peace Designer education workshop lead by Mr. Ushiroda on January 28th that was also attended by other youth leaders in the EUME region.

After breakfast we started the Peace Designer education workshop that was joined by 17 other youth leaders from surrounding countries, making a total of 23 participants from 11 countries. The workshop started off with a one-hour introduction to YSP given by Mr. Matsuda. Mr. Ushiroda trained us to hold Peace Designer seminars in the future by holding an actual Peace Designer seminar with us while adding comments and instructions in between the sessions. After lunch we focused on developing our own peace projects. This was meant mainly for the 17 youth leaders who were not all fully aware of what YSP’s role and mission is. Mr. Matsuda gave a very clear explanation that lead us smoothly into the main event of the meeting: Peace Designer education.

By the end of the day, each group had presented their own idea for a peace project and we concluded the Peace Designer education by handing out certificates of completion to all the participants.

Over the two days, we had a very warm and supportive atmosphere among the YSP directors. We have been in regular contact ever since the inauguration of IAYSP in EUME last April and have gotten to know each other quite well but this was the first time that most of us gathered together. We could be energized by each other’s company and support and gain new inspiration through sharing practices and ideas with each other over meal and break times. We really look forward to meeting each other again after everyone has had the opportunity to put our plans into action and bringing great results.