How Many Projects could We Accomplish in a Month? #Brazil

SDGs applied to the following Peace Projects:

IAYSP-Brazil organized several service projects during July, and we decided to summarize these together in this article:

The Home that Reads periodic reading gatherings
The education project Home that Reads, organizes regular meetings with impoverished children for storytelling and the returning and borrowing of books. The main staff of the project does not need to visit the communities regularly due to local leaders embracing the project and assuming increased responsibility. Our support remains constant through messaging applications and Instagram.

Reading with Parents

Reading outside










  Garbage removal for the Environment and combating the dengue mosquito (11th):

Blood Donation Campaign (July 17):
A blood donation campaign was carried out by YSP and the Women’s Federation for World Peace (WFWP) volunteers at the Blood Center of Alagoas.

The purpose of the activity was both to encourage the practice the act of saving lives and to be part of blood donation chain campaigns that have been occurring in recent weeks due to the campaigns held the previous month. In total, ten volunteers were present from the morning to the afternoon.

Donation of Food by the Kilo Campaign (end of July):
WFWP and YSP made donations of food collected in campaigns during the month. Through this campaign, in connection to World Grandparents’ Day on July 26, support was provided for nursing homes left in a vulnerable situation during the pandemic.

In Campo Grande, YSP and AMPM departed on July 24 to donate nearly four hundred kilograms of food collected in one of the city’s asylums, the Shirfa asylum.

Live Grandparents’ Day by the Kilo Campaign (July 26):
WFWP and YSP held a live celebration of World Grandparents’ Day. During this campaign, stronger connections with authorities and figures from society were established, words related to the theme and reports on the fundraising and donation activities were given.

Some of the important public figures in participation were Federal Deputy Rose Modesto, Dr. José Roberto, and Lawyer Ritva Cecília.

Visit the Bento Gonçalves School (July 24):
YSP state leaders went to the school to assess the situation and work together to support and analyze future projects.

Through their assessment, YSP came to understand the state of the school’s facilities and its needs, and they noticed a lack of resources and the amount of work needing to be implemented.

Talking with the school Principal, school leaders shared about the lack of people to paint, repair, clean and maintain the school. However, the main concern apparent is with the education of children in the neighborhood.

After much talking, the project to generate School Support at School with YSP volunteer members was born. The school Principal gave IAYSP a room to start developing the project and practiced together with her.