Guiding Youth to be Leaders in the Nation #Dominican Republic

On January 21, IAYSP Dominican Republic instigated a four-day seminar for the young guests of our young members.
After forming teams to share more pleasantly amongst each other, participants had time to talk, define their leader and the name that would represent them as a team, and then present their ideas.
This seminar was spiritually enriching and included a multitude of fun with games, challenges, and background songs that everyone sang with great euphoria.
The first conference was given by Mr. Cesar Regalado Muñoz, General- Secretariat of UPF Dominican Republic, which pertained to the first part of the character education conferences. Mr. Regalado’s lectures were oriented towards character education, its need, types of love, principles of true love, consequences of the sexual revolution, ethics of true love, and the effect of using drugs.

Rev. Takashi Kono delivered a conference centered on how to improve the prospects of the Dominican Republic in numerous ways. The conference inspired the young people, after which Kono held an entertaining question-and-answer session.

Other lecturers, which are listed below, exuded themes upon which participants could develop their character and improve their surroundings.
Afterwards, they held a session of final reflections, accompanied by gifts presented to the teams for the sacrifices they made throughout the seminar.

Mr. Bernardo Cruz.
Mr. Leonidas, and his wife, Mrs. Miho Okasaki.
Mr. Regalado.
Mr. Takashi Kono.
Mr. Salvador Castillo.
Mr. Carlos Hernandez and his wife, Ms. Shaniella Petra.
Mr. Frank Felix, President of IAYSP Dominican Republic.