Fraternal Encounters #Panama

During May, IAYSP Panama carried out the continuation of the Fraternal Encounters on Saturdays through Zoom.

The activity commenced with sharing pertaining to experiences from the past week. Interactive discussions were carried out to lighten the atmosphere and increase participants’ confidence. Throughout, while topics were covered participants were able to reflect, offer opinions and ask questions.

Among the topics covered were: Responsibility as an essential value that allows individuals to take control of their lives and achieve their goals while growing as individuals. On the other hand, another topic discussed centred on procrastination as a type of attitude characterized by postponing or not assuming responsibility for situations that are key for people’s growth and happiness and how it is necessary to recognize and reflect upon this.

Concluding the program, a group photo was taken and an invitation to continue participating in subsequent activities was made to participants. The fraternal encounters furthered youth friendships and motivated them to be involved with IAYSP.

Organization was lead by Aylin De Lora, Laura De Lora, Isabela De Lora, and Mahelin Barrios.