Fraternal Encounters #Panama

IAYSP Panama held the last Fraternal Encounter of the month entitled, “Differences between the Eastern and Western mentality”, across Zoom. As per usual, this activity takes place on each Saturday, and on this occasion, six young people participated.

The program began with a space to share experiences from the week. Following, they explained differences between the perspectives or ways of thinking of the Eastern world and the Western world. This topic was directed through an educational lens to ensure participants could embrace and understand other cultures, such as East Asia.

The participants were very attentive and excited when they discovered that many of us share oriental characteristics and thinking. We concluded that this might be the product of the growing influence existing between different cultures that have gradually opened up to each other. Finally, reflections were shared and incentives for ongoing participating in other activities at the regional level of Central America and the Caribbean were offered.


The fraternal encounters, in addition to being an entertaining and educational space, are also an opportunity to strengthen friendships with young people and link them to the objectives and goals of IAYSP.

The event was organized by Aylin De Lora, Laura De Lora, Isabela De Lora, and Mahelin Barrios