“Young People facing Climate Change” Forum #Panama

IAYSP Panama, together with the Women’s Federation for World Peace Panama, hosted the forum, “Youth Protagonism Against Climate Change” on Zoom. This forum was held in collaboration with the Promar Panama Foundation and the Panama Youth and Climate Change Organization.

The forum took place on October 16, with fifty-one participants, including young people and adults, who had the opportunity to listen to the presentations of three exhibitors. The first presenter was a nature-lover studying Sanitary and Environmental Engineering and represented young activists. Later, the representatives of the Panamanian Youth and Climate Change organizations and Promar Panama spoke. Everyone shared about their activities and the reality that climate change implies. The objective was to raise awareness about this problem and the value of youth voicing their opinions, learning, seeking solutions, creating alliances, leading, and not standing idle in the face of this situation. It was also emphasized that selfishness is a fundamental factor to consider and the need to change the mentality behind certain behaviors to create a new culture in which people take care of each other and the planet.

Finally, the event culminated with a question-and-answer space, in which the public was very participative. There were several positive comments, indicating an enriching event for the education and encouragement of people.