First Introductory Course – Character Education Workshop in Angola

YSP Angola organized the first character education workshop on April 22, 2021.
In order to introduce themes, the first workshop comprised of foundational understandings pertaining to the need for character education.

Within the scope of its Mission, Vision, and Values, YSP Angola started holding workshops on character education for its members and collaborators (Staff, Ambassadors for Peace and Peace Makers).

These workshops will be held through the digital platform Zoom for three months – from April 22 to June 10, 2021.
The objective of these workshops aims to deliver a program that advocates character education as core content of YSP and understand how this can be implemented in Angola.
Following on from these foundational workshops, additional workshops will assist in supporting the training and qualification of future trainers, and implementation the character education project in Angola.
The cause of the economic and or global crisis has its origin in the lack of values – there is a need to reaffirm of values in all levels of society.

Speakers throughout workshop sessions included:
José Calembe, Vice President of YSP Angola; Dr. Ariana Ortet Vigelandzoon, Director of Finance and Advisor to YSP Angola; and Dr. Sandra Dias, Ambassador of Peace and moderator of the workshops.