Find My Way #Czech Republic

On Saturday, March 7, 2020, the International Association for Youth and Students for Peace Czech Republic (IAYSP Czech) organized a service project in the orphanage, Dětský Domov Dolní Počernice. The theme for our project was, “Find My Way.” Since IAYSP Czech wanted to support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, focusing on Quality Education (SDG 4), the program emphasized education of the heart, which started with finding peace and happiness within ourselves in order to build a better world for everyone outside. The youth were active contributors and discussed this topic with each other to reveal avenues to greater happiness.One of the themes of this event was also sharing the culture of the United States of America. We prepared some presentations pertaining to a few states and a jeopardy game as entertainment. In order to open the hearts of the children, we first played games and sports together. Traditional American food like apple pies, hot dogs, and brownies was prepared. In the end, we could create deep bounds of heart with the youth from the orphanage. However, IAYSP staff felt they gained much more than what they had given to the young people.

A short testimony:
“This weekend, spending the time with the kids at the orphanage was such a huge blessing! Regardless of language barrier, seeing them making their best efforts to communicate with us really brightened my day! I got to experience what it means to speak from the heart, it’s not about speaking the same language but if we speak from sincerity and love, that’s what really matters for a bond of love to be created!”
    -Mitsusyoshi Orikasa (volunteer from the U.S.)-