Female Leadership – Responsibility Forum #Congo

IAYSP continues to advance by providing assistance in various areas, attracting many peoples’ attention.

On Friday April 2, 2021, the International Association of Youth and Student for Peace Congo Brazzaville Chapter organized the First Responsibility Edition under the theme, “Female Leadership: For an egalitarian future in the world of Covid-19”. Based upon on this theme, various sub-themes were also discussed and developed by four panelists.

This forum aims to encourage women to take responsibility and pursue leadership positions – to become a model for other women who do not believe that female leaders can adequately contribute to making a world of harmony and shared prosperity.

The Master of Ceremonies, the Secretary-General of IAYSP Congo, and the leader Yannick Kasongo presented the program to officially initiate the forum. A brief musical interlude followed before the floor was given to the President of IAYSP, SE. Yvan Loko, for the welcoming words:

In addition, a video projection of the UN Women Forum was broadcast, showcasing the multitude of examples where women have been in the position of vanguards during the difficult times of Covid-19.

Later, Mrs. Pétronie Bayissa, Vice-President of FFPM Congo Brazzaville, presented, “The 21st Century and the Mission of Women.” By this theme, it is appropriate to remember that the time has come for women to position themselves on the front line to lead and change the direction of this world for love – the time for women to employ their capacity, energy, and knowledge together to build a better world where justice and peace reign.

Likewise, in this momentum, the second panelist, Mrs. Bernadette Fogue, HR Manager, in charge of the mentoring and coaching program; President of the WHO Staff Association in the African Region 2008 – 2019; and President of the International Federation of Staff United Nations in the same period; provided counter talks with the sub-topic: “Leadership in women. What specificity?”

Following, the Director of CIREF: International Center for Research, Training, Coaching, and Accompaniment of the International NGO Peace and Benevolence in Action; International Member of the World Kindness Movement (Global Movement of Kindness and Benevolence); the third panelist, Mrs. Sabine Devlieger, made her entry with the theme, “The involvement of women and beyond, female leadership for the achievement of the 17 SDGs.”

The final panellist, Mrs. Carine Bintou Moudiongui, was President of the NGO Occaris Santé and Vice-President of IAYSP Congo. She concluded by presenting the theme, “The family institutions of the manifestation of female leadership.” From there, Moudiongui drew the attention of women to the notion that they must realize their role and importance in the family and society; since they are the center of love which is the beginning point of all the positive aspects of life.

The online participants asked questions of panellists and the President of YSP, leader Yvan Loko, gave the closing remarks by thanking the participants and panelists for their determination, flexibility, and time granted for their presence and sharing. Master of ceremonies, Yannick Kasongo, presided over the forum’s end with overall group photos.