Cycling Peace Road 2020 #Argentina

On Sunday, November 29, the youth of YSP Argentina organized and carried out a bicycle ride on the occasion of the Peace Road 2020. The sixteen-kilometre route was carried out by nineteen young people in two hours.

Route traced by bike paths. Total of 16 Km and 2 hours duration and official final photo


The goals surrounding the event centred on establishing unity and promoting peace in society. After cycling, Matias, from Evacuation and First Aid Corps (CEPA) asserted, “Thank you for choosing us year after year. It is a pleasure. CEPA works to build that peace and equality. I repeat, it is a great honour to do it by your side for many more events together.” Sebastian, a professional marathoner, shared, “I am very grateful for the invitation. Always count on me. For me, it was an honour to be there with you. The group that you put together seemed incredible, all the work you put into it, the desire. The truth is that it is very nice when one sees that it is from the heart, so, again, thank you for inviting me back and always counting on me.”

Starting of Cycling in Live