Congo Brazzaville: Raising Awareness and Training Youth #Congo

On April 2, YSP Congo Brazzaville held an awareness workshop under the theme, “Raising Awareness and Training Youth.” The workshop was attended by thirty-five participants, including the UPF Pointe-Noire Secretary General, Mr. Augustine Zodji; the YSP President, Mr. Yvan Loko; and his staff.

The YSP Coordinator, Mr. Achille Mounda, gave insights about the internal aspects of YSP, whereas UPF Pointe-Noire Secretary General, Mr. Augustine Zodji, covered external aspects. The main presentation was handled by Yannick Kasongo, the Secretary-General YSP Congo Brazzaville. The YSP President illuminated on how YSP Congo Brazzaville will undertake initiatives.
At the end of the presentations, the participants came to the realization on the importance of YSP’s formation through a question-answer approach.