Conference: International Women’s Rights Day (Congo Brazzaville)

This Saturday, March 13, 2021, in Congo Brazzaville, precisely in the city of Pointe-Noire, a conference was held on the occasion of International Women’s Rights Day.
It was supported, organized, and directed by the Association of Youth and Students for Peace with the theme: The Role of Women in the Creation of a Sustainable Culture of Peace.

It aimed to sensitize women to play their roles in creating a culture of peace. For them to take more positive actions, train themselves, and take charge of their emancipations. The result to be achieved is seeing women capable of admitting their shortcomings, training themselves, and assuming fundamental positions in an association, city, or country.

In addition to the presentations on different bridges, three panelists intervened and presented various concepts based on the theme. The generality was mainly addressed to women but concerns everyone. Ir ran from 2:30 p.m. and ended at 5:30 p.m with 35 people physically present in the conference room and more than 100 people who followed virtually via Zoom, Facebook, and Youtube.

Mr. Jérémie CLAUDE, President of the Siloé Group, SE Michel BOUNDA, the Chairman of FPU Pointe-Noire, and Rev. Maixent MILOLO, the Leader of FFPMU Pointe-Noire, gave few words to start the event explaining the importance of the day. Then, the Secretary-General of IAYSP CONGO, leader Yannick KASONGO, made the word of welcome and presented the Association for nearly 20 minutes.

Introduced by the Master Ceremony, the leader Ferdinand ELENGA, the panelists began the interventions. The First panelist was the General Secretary of the Siloé Group, Miss Carlov OVOUNDARD, who developed the theme: The consequences or influences of women’s actions in society.
The second panelist was the President of the Association Sportive la Colombe, Mme Nadège BISSILA, who developed the theme: Why involve women in the process of consolidating peace.
Finally, the third and last panelist, who is, therefore, the President of the Federation of Women for World Peace, Ms. Lydia ZODJI, explained about: Peace begins with me.
Because of the three interventions, they ultimately tie together under the central theme: The Role of Women in Creating a Sustainable Culture of Peace.

To move towards the end, the Vice-President of IAYSP Congo, Mrs. Carine MOUDIONGUI, read the message from UN-WOMAN on the occasion of International Women’s Day 2021. The President of IAYSP, H.E Yvan LOKO, gave the closing word and presented his thanks to everyone for their involvement in the conference’s success. The ceremony ends with three cries of Victory delivered by the Master of Ceremonies, family photos, and a refreshment.