Cleaning Service Project #Cote d’Ivoire

IAYSP Cote d’Ivoire formed the Assembly of Young Africans, “AYA.”

On the first day of the event, young people from different African nations carried out an activity promoting peace. With this in mind, young Ivorians united in voice and action, and amicably committed themselves to providing the free service of washing vehicle windshields in a station and rural sanitation facility.

Alongside the station staff and people who were encountered in the field, around thirty young people from IAYSP participated in this activity. Regarding the impact of this activity on the neighborhood, a group was formed to share up to one thousand flyers.
These flyers were utilized to provide citizens with an understanding of the objective, means of membership, and other information concerning IAYSP; including the contact details of managers of IAYSP CI.

The general public was happy and amazed by the actions taken by the young members. At the end of the activity, a certificate of gratitude was issued to the head of the shell station.

Organized in the town of Marcory, specifically in the shell station of the Sainte-Thérèse district, this activity perpetuated for four hours.