Clean-up Campaign (Zimbabwe)

Date: January 15-17, 19-24, 27, 28, 31, 2020

IAYSP-Zimbabwe started the daily clean-up campaign from January 15 until January 31, 2020 (12 days in all). The project was designed to promote the consciousness of keeping the environment beautiful through this service activities of responsible public-mindedness.

The “broken windows theory” was applied. A criminological theory introduced by James Q. Wilson and George L. Kelling explains that, “if a window in a building is broken and is left unrepaired, all the rest of the windows will soon be broken.” It means that one broken window is a signal that there is no one who really cares for the building.

In a similar situation, when litter is thrown on the ground, people seeing that think they can throw litter there too. On the contrary, keeping buildings well maintained and grounds clean makes a good atmosphere where things are in order and well-managed. This helps prevent social crime.

The clean-up campaign continued almost every day for two weeks. Volunteers wore YSP t-shirts to show that there are people who care about and will take responsibility for the environment.

Promotion through the YSP Facebook page was also used. By showing pictures of the project and writing articles explaining how litter denigrates, this service activity spread good news and helped change the attitudes of Zimbabwean youth.