Character Education Workshop #01 The Family as the School of Love (Angola)

As part of the implementation of the Character Education project, for the understanding of YSP’s Mission, Vision, and Values, since April 22nd, 2021, via zoom, the introductory Character Education workshops for YSP-ANGOLA members and collaborators (Staff, Peace Ambassadors, and Peace Makers) have been taking place. In this context, May 6th was another day of formation.

Under the theme: The Family as the school of love, Drª. Ariana Ortet Vigelandzoon, Director of the Finance Department, Advisor and Member of the Coordination of the Character Education Project at YSP-ANGOLA, led the participants to reflect on the ideal of the family; the current situation of families, and the need for Character Education as the basis for establishing happy families.

Healthy and happy families are the foundation of a happy society, nation, and the world – love, peace, freedom, justice, and prosperity.

In compliance with the 2021 annual plan, since January, YSP-Angola has held training workshops for its Staff with the Entrepreneur and Ambassador for Peace, Lúcia Stanislas as a trainer. With the main objective of training and streamlining the Staff’s work methodology, the training sessions have been held weekly on Fridays, via zoom for 2 hours at night.

The sessions focus on the following four pillars:
Methodology and

Each session adds value with its dynamics and keeps the participants in introspection about their role in the organization, family, workplace, and society. It also helps to understand their mission in the world. It has been conclusive that the understanding of YSP-Angola’s Mission, Vision, Values, and Objectives inspires us to be: human, professional, social, authentic, and competent for this and future generations.