Character Education in Burkina Faso

On Saturday March 2, 2019, a conference on character education took place in the city of Bonsrima, Burkina Faso. It was organized by YSP-Burkina Faso and the Association “Jeunesse Unie pour la Cooperation International” (JUCI). There were participants from four (4) Junior High Schools:

  • Bonsrima Junior High School,
  • Koussala Junior High School,
  • Bon Avenir Junior High School,
  • Nabonswende Junior High School.

The YSP representative presented first, explaining the vision of YSP followed by a presentation of character education which focused on filial love. In total, there were 200 participants. According to the teachers’ reflection, this conference was a good initiative. It encouraged students because there are many difficulties for the education of youth and character education will help them to have a good education. For this purpose, YSP formed groups of students in the different schools in order to continue the education of character after this introduction.