Character Education #Burkina Faso

On Saturday March 2, 2019, a conference on character education occurred in the city of Bonsrima, Burkina Faso. The conference was organized by YSP Burkina Faso and the association, “Jeunesse Unie pour la Cooperation International” (JUCI). There were participants from four Junior High Schools:

  • Bonsrima Junior High School,
  • Koussala Junior High School,
  • Bon Avenir Junior High School,
  • Nabonswende Junior High School.

Firstly, the YSP representative explained the vision of YSP followed by a presentation of character education which focused on filial love. In total, there were two hundred participants. According to the teachers’ reflection, this conference was a good initiative as it encouraged students overcome the many difficulties in their lives; the education of youth and character education will help them to have a constructive education. For this purpose, YSP formed student groups in the different schools to continue the education of character after the conclusion of this content.