Character Education #DR Congo

To campaign Peace, Pure Love, and the fight against anti-values in schools, with around 1,242 participants IAYSP-DR Congo organized thirteen conferences during July in different areas and schools focused on character education.

18th: In the city of Kindu, IAYSP organized a conference with the theme, “The responsibility of educational environments for the restoration of lasting social peace.” This conference was presented to students and teachers from six different schools in Kindu, province of Maniema.
Important to note is that there have recently been conflicts between students from different schools in Kindu. IAYSP intends to make a palliative contribution to this phenomenon, which has already caused some loss of human life.


23rd – 27th: In the city of Kikwit, the theme was, “Living for others, a benefit to the students and teachers of the Muzey Public School, and the Lukolela Public School in the province of Kwilu. An IAYSP club will be established in Lukolela at the start of the next school year.



Nine among the thirteen were in the city of Kinshasa.
The theme of the activities consisted of the first and second chapters of character education, which are respectively: What does it mean to be good? and, Where can I learn to be good?

  1. For the benefit of the finalist and pre-finalist students of the Bambu One Secondary School, located in the municipality of Masina.

3rd: After the conference, students retained the meaning of living for others. Moreover, moved by the education provided to the students, the school officials shared that they are ready to collaborate with IAYSP.


  1. For the benefit of the pupils of the Soleil One and Two school complex.
    The message was to share everyday examples that young students experience in their families.

3rd: In the Sun School program, the plan is to teach character education two to four times monthly on Saturday.


  1. For the benefit of the students of Ngolu Setu Primary School, in Mont Ngafula commune.

3rd: The teaching methodology was adapted for young pupils and consisted of tales transmitting a lesson on living for others.


  1. 9th: For the benefit of the students from the final classes of the Technical Institute of Kasangulu, in the territory of Kasangule-Kinshasa.


  1. Character education session and presentation of IAYSP to members of the Kimwenza Youth Association for Development.

10th: The young people from the association appreciated the teachings given and wish to learn how to help convey the message and sign a partnership with IAYSP.


  1. Focused on character education and entrepreneurship for the benefit of finalist and pre-finalist students of the Lingwala Institute, a school located in Lingwala commune.

12th: After presenting the theme, the Ambassador of Peace, Marcel, spoke on entrepreneurship and leadership.


  1. For the benefit of the students of Notre Dame de la Grâce School, in the municipality of Kimbaseke.

12th: School officials granted IAYSP free access to the school for future activities. 


  1. For the benefit of the finalist students of the Bukama Institute.

28th: The process for a possible signing of an agreement has already begun.


  1. For the benefit of pre-finalist students of the Complexe Scolaire Soleil, a school located in the municipality of Limete.

31st: The students participating will soon be going on vacation and were urged to consider and practice the lessons they learned to have a productive holiday.

  1. 31st: Gathering for the second time and teaching the first chapter of character education to members of the Kimwenza Youth Association for Development. Participants were deeply inspired and committed to a seven-day training and education seminar.