Character Education and Peace Designer Seminar (Dominican Republic)

April / May 30-1-2 IAYSP Dominican Republic held a 3-day seminar on character education and peace designer at the Harmony and Peace farm. It had the participation of 40 young people with 14 new guests and 9 Staff. The lecturer, Mr. Cesar Regalado, gave seven-character education lectures during the three days of the seminar, and Mr. Frank de la Cruz gave the Peace designer lectures.

Specifically, 31 young people listened to the lectures attentively with enthusiasm and dedication, promising in their reflections to put into practice everything they had learned in their daily lives.

1. Introduction to the International Educational Foundation and The Need for Character Education
2. Universal Principles and Goals in Life
3. Drug Abuse and Prevention
4. The Family as a School of Love; Building Happy and Healthy Marriages; Preparing Youth for Marriage
5. Consequences of the Sexual Revolution
6. Education for Love and Sexuality
7. Ethics of True Love and Sexuality

At the end of the lectures, the members were awarded certificates for completing character education at the seminary.