Celebration of the World Cleanup Day #France

On September 17, 2022, IAYSP France volunteers participated in a cleaning day organized by the municipalities of Saint-Quentin in Yvelines and held in Guyancourt city.

World Cleanup Day was initiated in 2007 in Estonia. Today, it is the most prominent citizen and environmental mobilization in the world. More than 180 countries participate with a simple yet ambitious objective: to clean up the planet.

Although the concept might seem simplistic, the stakes are high in helping people understand their consumption patterns and learn about sorting and treating waste to raise awareness of the impact of human behaviour on the environment.

The goal of the Guyancourt project was to clean public spaces from waste, plastics and other detritus that pollute the environment.

The cleaning operation started at the town hall at 9 am, where 100 participants were divided into several teams with assigned cleaning areas.

They also received instructions on ways to safely collect waste to ensure that the two-hour project would operate effectively. At 11:30 am, all the participants gathered at the Municipal Technical Center for a time of sharing experiences. There, they received more in-depth knowledge about jobs connected to cleaning. There was also an opportunity to win prizes for the “find the golden waste or bring back the most unusual waste” contest.

In conclusion, it was a beautiful morning when young people convened with a common goal to pursue the establishment of clean and healthy environments for future generations.