S!NERGY x Congo 2021 & Graduation from a Young Leaders Seminar

To support young people at any time in the realization of their projects related to the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals, the International Association of Youth and Students for Peace Congo Brazzaville chapter organized the second edition of the S!NERGY competition Congo 2021. A local television station covered the event.

It was realized in collaboration with the Universal Peace Federation on Sunday November 21, 2021, at the headquarters of the Federation for Universal Peace under the theme, “Youth Action for Peace and Sustainable Development.” Nearly sixty people participated face-to-face and online.

The competition started with an introductory word and welcome from Secretary-General IAYSP, Congo Yannick Kasongo, and Master of Ceremonies introducing the S!NERGY project.

“S!NERGY (Students * Ideas * Energy) is a public speaking competition engaging its dynamism, allowing students to share their projects and innovative ideas. The presentations offer solutions to current social problems while aligning with the United Nations SDGs. A panel of distinguished judges from the community selects the best presentation(s). Winners receive prizes as encouragement to continue innovating and being creative,” said the Secretary-General. Afterwards, the first presentation from the members of the jury was given:
1- President of the Jury His Excellency Augustin Zodji: Secretary-General of UPF Pointe-Noire, Chairman and CEO of the Global Development Company.
2- Vice-President of the Jury His Excellency Maixent Milolo: Leader of the FFWPU Pointe-Noire, Manager of Human Resources.
3- First Member of the Leader Jury Ferdinand Elenga: Coordinator of Computer Science Students.

Then there was the presentation of the candidates:

Candidate 1: Mr. Yonnel Gustaven Jordyven Bassafoula: Graphic Designer, Community Manager, Founder, and visionary of the Coach par excellence platform.
Candidate 2: Mr. Jarèle Ronèle Mpio: License in international economics, television show host, founder of the youth reintegration and training center.
Under the program, followed the video projections of their projects and presentation of online votes.
Candidate 1: Mr. Yonnel Gustaven Jordyven Bassafoula – forty-eight views on Youtube or 10.5 points.
Candidate 2: Mr Jarèle Ronèle Mpio – Five hundred one views on Youtube or 105 points.
The President of the Jury, His Excellency Zodji Augustin, proceeded with delivering the final results:
In conclusion, the second edition of the S!NERGY Congo 2021 Competition second place winner went to:
Mr. Yonnel Gustaven Jordyven Bassfoula, with a final score: 127.5/300 points.
The winner of the S!NERGY Congo 2021 Competition:
Mr. Jarèle Ronèle Mpio, with a final score: 260/300 points.

The Vice-President of the Jury, His Excellency Maixent Milolo, read the minutes of the competition. In turn, the members of the jury made remarks to the candidates. There was the presentation of prizes to the candidates who shared their impressions of the competition.

The second part of the ceremony was devoted to the graduation of the participants of the three-day training seminar for IAYSP leaders under the theme, “The involvement of YSP leaders: The process of training young people.”
This seminar took place on October 12, 13, and 17, 2021, at the IAYSP national headquarters in Pointe-Noire, with six participants and four speakers. The activity ended around 5:30pm with group photos.