Caravan of cultures in Plopi (Moldova)


YSP Moldova organized the event: Caravan of Cultures on October 17, 2020, in collaboration with Pharos and Essedis in the town hall of Plopi commune, Cantemir district, Moldova.

At this event, the inhabitants of Plopi commune met guests from the village of Tomai to exchange culture – Bulgarian and Gagauz.
There was also a special guest, Nikolay Keles -The President of the National Youth Council of Moldova, Co-founder of the Youth Platform for Interethnic Solidarity, which spoke about interethnic solidarity. Diversity and unity.

The objectives of this project were:
🔘 Eliminate signs of discrimination and prejudice.
🔘 Establish mutual trust and understanding between different regions of the Republic of Moldova.
🔘 Create harmonious relations between all ethnic groups.
● The project was implemented within the “active peace” program. It was coordinated by EcoVisio, in partnership with the MitOst Association with the support of the Robert Bosch Foundation and Sweden.