Caravan of cultures in Ceadir-Lunga (Moldova)

YSP Moldova organized an intercultural exchange event in collaboration with Pharos and Essedis on October 24, 2020.

8 Young people from Cantemir district, Moldova visited the beautiful places in Ceadir-Lunga district, Moldova, got to know the Gagauz culture better, and had the opportunity to communicate and make new friends.

They visited:
-At-Prolin horse farm and drawing workshop of d.Constantin Cheleș
-The Gagauz Cultural Museum and they learned about the history of the city and the living of the peasants
-Budjac cafe and tasted delicious traditional dishes
-Headquarters of active youth organizations in Ceadir-Lunga (Pharos, Essedis, etc.)

Through this short trip, they took a step towards the elimination of imaginary barriers between the ethnic groups of Moldova, and they understood that even if they differ, they have many things in common.

The project was implemented within the “active peace” program. It was coordinated by EcoVisio, in partnership with the MitOst Association with the support of the Robert Bosch Foundation and Sweden.