Alternative Spring Break #USA

On Saturday, April 20, 2019, twenty-four volunteers gathered to help with a beautification project along Edes Avenue in Oakland, CA. Volunteers representing eight different organizations came to participate.

The project was primarily organized by Cynthia Arrington of the Sobrante Park Resident Action Council. Gabriel Soulman, representing the Youth and Students for Peace (YSP), collaborated with Cynthia to create an opportunity for their local youth group to partake in an alternative spring break activity. Cynthia reflected that the highlight of the project was seeing all of the volunteers who came to help. She was very grateful for the youth group coming to support them.

Volunteers arrived at 9 am, where tools and materials were provided by the city of Oakland. They began by picking up garbage and sweeping up glass in an empty lot that was used as an illegal dumping site. After they cleaned the designated area, a welcoming segment gave Gabriel the opportunity to share YSP’s perspective of peace through service with the entire group.

Next, the volunteers donned gloves and vests and continued to pick up garbage along both sides of Edes Avenue for over a quarter of a mile. Once they were finished, the volunteers removed overgrown weeds along the sidewalk to give flowers and plants room to grow and flourish.