African Youth Festival was big success with 13,800 youth from 22 nations

IAYSP Africa organized an online event African Youth Assembly from August 12 to 14, 2021, under the theme “African Youth Engagement for Prosperity and Planet Health.” It was to celebrate UN International Youth Day at the continental level.

On the first day, the opening ceremony was held to introduce IAYSP and the purpose of this event. 

Mr. Koji Matsuda, International President of IAYSP, explained that the education of the youth is going to develop the nation. And at the same time, he emphasized that Africa can become the most influential continent in 2030. After that, the service projects “Serve and Save the Planet” have been organized in various nations. Despite the difficulties of the activities in COVID restriction, 22 nations manage to organize different service projects by mobilizing a lot of youth in each location to highlight International Youth Day.

On the second day, African Youth Leadership Conference was held, including eminent Leaders. 

There were three sessions with these themes:

  • “Character education and peacebuilding: Raising good leaders for Africa.”
  • “Conflicts resolving in Africa: Family and intercultural values perspective.”
  • “Global Climate change, Health and food crisis: Empowering youth for innovative actions.” 

In each session, one Leader who works youth education in their area introduced how youth must contribute to society. Successively, youth leaders who are working for peace shared their experiences and their insight. 

The final day was designed as Youth Festival to celebrate all the activities in the three days. First of all, the digest video of the whole African Youth Assembly was displayed, and the activities in all nations were shared by the video. IAYSP Africa gave the prizes of the best Service Project to IAYSP Ghana and IAYSP DR Congo, and Mrs. Mica Amanlaman, the Regional President of IAYSP Africa, gave a closing message. 

In total, Online attendees reached 7,235, and onsite attendees were 6,589 for 3days. 

This Assembly empowered and inspired much youth in YSP chapters in Africa to RISE for the bright future of Africa.   

As a follow-up, each nation will organize the different education programs for those who attended the event.