Activities held Together with the Government and other Youth Organizations #Peru

In Peru, there were three activities in partnership with the government, youth organizations, and others, bring together 1,210 participants and accumulating more than fifteen thousand views. The activities are detailed below:

Building the vision of the Tricentennial of Peru (July 13th):


The National Festival Patria 2021 of Bicentennial Volunteers was developed in alliance with twelve organizations.

The festival aimed to invite over eighty thousand volunteers that are linked to the volunteering community of Peru, which reflect the spirit of the Bicentennial; seeking to: share knowledge and understandings, inspiring stories, workshops, and a space for recognition of the work carried out together within various sectors and allies to overcome the pandemic. Many young people were motivated to participate in this celebration of model citizens who help facilitate the construction of a society we dream of realizing.

Building the vision of the Tricentennial of Peru:


IAYSP participated as co-organizers of the event, in which they shared about the outlook on young Peruvian people towards the next one hundred years. More than twenty youth organizations participated, and each representative spoke about the challenges young people face in this technological era. Also, speakers presented a new vision in cooperation with nature based on principles and values.

As pioneers of this century of republican life, participation involved: President IAYSP Peru, Dokhwa Miraval; Former Minister of Education, Carlos Malpica; the Former Counselor of the National Council of Education, René Galarreta Achahuanco; the Dean of the College of Teachers of Peru, Luis Palacios Reyes; and the National Scout Chief of Peru, Jorge Eddy Zelada Zúñiga.

Job search counseling:

On July 5, 12, 26, and 27, IAYSP held a series of workshops on job search counseling, broadcasted through Zoom. The purpose of this workshop series was to help reduce the unemployment rate within the context of Peru.

Participants were informed on how to discover their skills and enhance them, to develop a Curriculum Vitae, and the most effective approaches to successfully find employment in different fields. Specialist speakers on the subject explained content in a very didactic and understandable way.
This workshop was held in partnership with the Ministry of Labor and the Kalinka youth group.