A New Perspective for the Ethical Formation of Young Brazilians

On August 29, 2020, IAYSP Brazil-Rio de Janeiro, in partnership with IAYSP Latin America, held the event for Character Education – A New Perspective for the Ethical Training of Young Brazilians.

The event took place live on Zoom, Facebook, and Instagram, and it was presented by Mr. Lucas Barbosa, director of IAYSP Brazil-Rio de Janeiro, and Mr. Samuel Ota Linhares, president of IAYSP Latin America, in addition to 58 participants at the alive.

It intended to expose participants to the IAYSP’s vision of education and peace and mainly supporting the UN SDG on Quality Education. The content was welcomed by the public, who interacted through comments on social networks, saying they felt very motivated to support the upcoming YSP events to build a world of peace.