A Global Family of Young People Building a World of Peace: Character Education and Peace Projects (Cambodia)

Kampot: November 9-10, 2018 Youth and Students for Peace-Cambodia organized a 2-day youth camp on the theme: “A Global Family of Young People Building a World of Peace: Character Education and Peace Projects Supporting the UN Sustainable Development Goals.” This camp aimed to engage youth in contributing to society through practicing the culture of living for the sake of other, namely a Hyo Jeong culture. During the camp, YSP-Cambodia organized a unique activity called, “True Father’s Walk.” Participants were divided into pairs of the same gender and then had to carry each other on their backs for two kilometers. The purpose was to experience the heart of Father Moon when he carried his disciple for many kilometers after being liberated from Heungnam Prison in North Korea. Mr. Pheav Hang, Director of the YSP chapter in Kampot, emphasized that “through experiencing of Father’s walk each student could experiencing putting true love into action by carrying another person and learn how to overcome the difficulties of life with strong determination by not giving up, but moving forward until reaching the goal.”

Moreover, during the 2-day program, YSP-Cambodia also organized a Hyo Jeong Character Education session, the Peace Road 2018 project, and a Peace Service project in the local community. For the Hyo Jeong Character Education, we gave a short education on the importance of keeping purity, setting up life goals, preparing for building a healthy family, and contributing to society working with over 200 high school students. The Peace Road 2018 project combined university students with high school students together in an intergenerational peace-building venture. YSP’s last day program was a Peace Service project to support over 130 primary school students in the community with stationary and hygiene education.

1. True Father’s Walk

2. Hyo Jeon Character Education Session and Peace Road

3. Peace Service Project to the Community