21 Day Youth Leadership Training (Philippines)

Youth and Student for Peace (YSP) Philippines conducted a Youth Leadership Training. The training started on April 16 and ended on May 16, 2019 at the International Peace Leadership College (IPLC) in Tanay, Rizal.

Everyone received inspiration from the presence of the VIP Speakers Mr. Venus Agustin, President of IPLC Campus, Leo Angelo T. Halog, former YLT Director and Prof. Richell L. Jalipa, YSP- Asia Pacific President. They gave various speeches and special lectures to the participants.  A total number of 26 participants who came from the Philippines, Japan, Fiji and Malaysia graduated.

The course of the workshop included a series of practical and special lectures, a Lecture Competition, English Classes, The Way of The Unified Martial Arts (TIMD) Training (in which participants were promoted to yellow belts), as well as the Peace Designers’ Training. Everyone was enthusiastic in rendering their service to IPLC through the beautification of the IPLC gate. The youth training would not be complete without the extra challenge. The participants’ determination and physical capacity were tested as they underwent strenuous activity and adventure challenge, a day hike at Mt. Daraitan (2,300ft/739m above sea level) as their final battle before they finished their course.