6th International Youth Assembly (Philippines)

The 6th International Youth Assembly 2018 held at the City of Love- Iloilo City which is located in Region 6, Western Visayas of the Philippines. The 6th IYA 2018 runs for 4 days that is from September 20 until 23, 2018, part of the program is the celebration of UN’s International Day of Peace. This year’s theme “Peace Loving Global Youth: Bridging Gaps toward Sustainable Peace” highlighted the aim of the Youth and Students for Peace (YSP) to empower youth leaders to understand their role and their contribution for the improvement of our society thus achieving sustainable peace and prosperity for all.

The YSP International President, Dr. Robert Kittel gave the Pure Love Address where he emphasized two important points: keeping purity as a dignity in creating a healthy family and society as a foundation in creating a world of peace; second, one man should marry only one woman.

The oath of Pure Love headed by Dr. Kittel and youth representatives Mr. Hanjin Gimay, BCPh Coordinator, Bacolod City and Ms. Jun Sun Magcanam, BCPh Coordinator, Iloilo City. Participants recited Oath of Pure Love means to dedicate themselves in keeping their purity before marriage and fidelity within marriage in creating an ideal family.