IV S!NERGY x Brazil & Peace Designer (Mentoring Meeting)

On October 7, 2020, IAYSP-Brasil, together with the winning teams of the most recent 2020 Peace Designer Online program, held its 4th online mentoring meeting (by zoom). To continue and support the projects, there was a special invited, Brian Jousther, who in turn spoke with notorious knowledge about Coach and Neurolinguistic Programming and how he adapted it to a project of his own called “Neurolinguistica Juridica” (legal neurolinguistics). Brian introduced his project, the reasons for starting his activities, and how he remains motivated to continue it.Also, there was space for each team to share the progress of their activities, the difficulties they are facing, and how they are overcoming them.

Some team projects reported the temporary freezing of their activities due to COVID19; their actions are strictly in person, and the academic life of those involved is demanding more time. IAYSP-Brasil, as far as possible, informed the possible solutions for the individual cases, and IAYSP staff clarified the ideals of IAYSP and informed that an NGO receives non-monetary values ​​but that the feelings of accomplishment and satisfaction are in seeing the smile on a citizen involved.