2nd YSP Oceania Webinar (Australia)

IAYSP Oceania hosted the second IAYSP Oceania Webinar on September 21, 2020, in celebration of the United Nations International Day of Peace.

Primarily organized by Daniel Meadows and Amon Watanabe, the theme of the webinar was the same as the theme for the UN Day of Peace, “Shaping Peace Together.” The keynote speaker was International IAYSP Chairman Robert Kittel. UPF Oceania Chairman Yutaka Yamada gave the welcoming remarks. President of IAYSP Oceania Daniel Meadows, officiated as Master of Ceremonies, and Secretary-General Amon Watanabe supported as technical staff. The local speakers included: from Fiji, Mr. Elvis Kumar, with the World Peace Initiative Foundation; from Samoa, Chairperson of Pacific Youth Council Ms. Tahere Siisiialafia; lastly, from the Solomon Islands, Director for Outreach at Special Olympics Solomon Islands Mr. Wilfred Luiramo. All speakers focused on the theme of Shaping Peace Together, from the perspective of their respective fields. Notably, many panelists shared a common idea that keynote speaker Dr. Kittel expressed, that “Peace starts with me,” creating a sense of fellowship and a common understanding.

Following the speakers, two videos were shown: a short promotional video of the Rally of Hope and one of an activity highlight of the webinars that were conducted in Samoa; encouraging participants to join. 
The webinar concluded with a short question-and-answer session. Panelist and participant response was positive, with many participants expressing their good impression of the quality of the speakers.