YSP Costa Rica Inauguration

On February 10 2018, Youth and Students for Peace was inaugurated in Costa Rica. YSP is spreading around in Central America and now is in Costa Rica. The theme of the inauguration is ” The Role of Youths in Creating a Culture of Sustainable Peace.” The event was attended by 210 participants from leaders of the non-government organizations and Ambassadors for Peace. The event was held at Radison Hotel Conference Hall.

Mr. Alfredo Alfaro Cordero, a business administration student of Universidad Latino Americana de Ciencia Technologia ( University of Science and Technology, ULACIT) expressed his passion for youth and discussed the student’s challenges and responsibilities. Maam Maria Fernanda Osorno Flores, student of ULACIT discussed character education that creates safe and secure society.Mr Antonio Barboza, engineering student expressed his thoughts on what is living for the sake of others.