YSP-Perú Inauguration Ceremony

On December 1, 2018, Youth and Student for Peace (YSP) – Perú was held in Lima, Casa Museo “Mariscal Ramón Castilla”.

This place is very historical place in Perú as Ramón Castilla was a national president in Perú. He liberated many African slaves who came here to work. This place is where Ramón Castilla lived.

There were almost 200 participants in YSP Perú inauguration ceremony including directors, generals, professors and many members.

First, Brigada Herrmann Hamann Carrilo, President of Ramón Castilla Liberation Institute, gave an opening address.

Then, youth members gave a dance performance.  In this ceremony, Mr. Jaime Llontop Carpio was appointed as YSP-Perú president. There were many good speech for celebrating this ceremony. Mr. Jaime Llontop Carpio, YSP- Perú president explained the YSP Founder’s vision and expectation toward youth. Participants were excited and motived to contribute to the society.