YSP Nicaragua Inaugural Ceremony

On Saturday, May 18, 2019, the inaugural event of YSP Nicaragua was carried out. With the support of UPF and other organizations in Nicaragua, the event was held in the central auditorium of the University of Commercial Sciences (UCC) Managua, Nicaragua. Important personalities were present, on behalf of the UCC University presided over by the chairman of the Board of Directors Dr. Nejama Berman- who granted in previous years to Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon title of Honoris Causa; Rector Lic. Ivania Toruño and Vice-Rector Dr. Jorge Moreno Chevez; the national leader, Rev. Oliveira; and the President of UPF Nicaragua, Ing. Agustín Jarquín Anaya.

Dr. Chang Shik Yang, UPF Special Emissary for Latin America and the Caribbean, encouraged young people to strive to develop a true character seeking a peaceful solution to achieve a world of peace. The event had a total attendance of two hundred twenty guests, with twenty-eight young people receiving appointment of Youth Ambassador of Peace, who expressed their strong interest in working together with YSP to finding solutions to the challenges that Nicaragua is currently facing.