YSP Charity Concert for Sao Tomé e Principe #Austria

On December 6, 2019, a charity concert for Sao Tomé e Principe at Seidengasse, Vienna was held.

Antto Hassinen, YSP North Europe Director, gave an introductory message to Youth and Students for Peace (YSP). Following, Prince Zeka – a famous musician in Austria, originally from Democratic Republic of Congo – performed two songs from his album, “Ecoutez”. In 2010, he became a Peace Ambassador and is a peace activist. Subseuqnetly, Beatric Kiedler gave a presention on YSP Sao Tomé e Principe. Kiedler talked about her experiences in Sao Tomé the previous summer, where she supported service projects and discovered her love for the country and its people. She also shared about the planned projects concerning education and environment in 2020.

After the presentations, the main concert proceeded First, the Vienna Peace Choir performed one gospel song; an instrumental piece on the piano by Jessica Wang, a young talent who is in her last year of high school; Rebecca Moshammer, a young self-employed illustrator, from Upper Austria, performed two songs – one of the songs was from the Philippines, which she to her family; next, Chingis Asydov, a Kalmyk, performed one traditional Kalmykian folk song called “Mother”; Michael Deininger, a former Vienna Boys Choir Singer and Jessica Wang performed two amazing duets; last but not least, Daniel Serrano & Luis Hurtado, originally from Spain, performed two Flamenco songs on their guitar.

Around fifty people attended the event and we collected more than €400 in donations for the projects in Sao Tomé e Principe.

We want to thank all the musicians who performed for free and all the people who offered a donation. We also want to give special thanks to YSP Europe director Jeong Hye and her husband Antto Hassinen who came from Finland and Czech Republic.