YSP Awards Ceremony #Fiji

Fiji conducted a YSP Awards Ceremony to award participants of the Asia-Pacific S!NERGY competition and presented the YSP Fiji Youth Heroes’ Award.
There were twelve participants, which consisted of ten audience members and two awardees.

Initially, there were supposed to be four awardees on the day. However, two of the awardees, Ms. Bulou Salanieta Suguta due to other commitments and Mr. Varunesh Vikash Permal due to illness, were unavailable on the day.

All of the participants gathered together at the Peace Embassy Center/YSP Headquarters in Suva. The Master of Ceremonies for the day was Vice President of YSP Fiji, Ms. Vasiti.

The awardees on the day consisted of Ms. Jeli Colati, who received the third place prize in the Asia-Pacific 2 S!NERGY competition held on January 25, 2022. The second awardee was Mr. Leslie Tikotikoca, who received two awards; the first for being a participant in the January 5, 2021 S!NERGY competition and the second for being the Youth Hero for YSP Fiji 2021.