Youth Learning Program Drug Prevention & How Not to Go Down the Wrong Path #Suriname

On October 22 and 29, 2021, YSP Suriname homegroup, Youth Powa, held two youth learning program sessions concerning drug prevention training, presented by: Mr. Milton Bisschop, Head of Youth Affairs from the Suriname Police Corps (KPS); and Mrs. Sade Lengibe-Lansdorf, Director of P.U.S.H.
Forward NGO.
Both sessions were highly motivational and participants came
to know, and could see through the presentations, how destructive it is when we as youth conduct ourselves inappropriately and consequently follow the direction down the wrong path – not only does our mental and physical health become impaired, but also everything linked to that person is affected as well.
In the end, youth were satisfied with the education received and made the determination, through reflection, to becoming better students and youth with character.