Youth Assembly: The new future of Nigeria

IAYSP–Nigeria organized a Youth Assembly with the theme: The new future of Nigeria, commemorating the World Development Information Day.

Miss Shinsook Ikpot gave some words before the opening Remarks that IAYSP-Nigeria President Mr. Ogar Raphael Ekpo gave.
He offered one minute silence in honor of youths that got shot during the protest in lekki and other parts of the country. 

Rev. Koji Matsuda, the International President of IAYSP, gave a brief introduction of what IAYSP stands for, its mission, the project of UN sustainable development goals achieved by the IAYSP Members around the world, and the synergy project held in different countries.
He also reviewed the effect of YSP worldwide through planting trees and rendering medical services during the Covid19 Pandemic.
He further advised the Youths participating in the conference to seize the opportunity as members of IAYSP in building a better nation of peace that the world can be proud of through the SDGs and Synergy projects. 

Prof. Ekpeyong talked about the challenges Nigerian youth have in finding solutions to the problems in their communities. Also, he encouraged youth to recognize their challenges, and involve themselves in leadership development platforms such as IAYSP and other educative youth leadership developmental programs.

Dr. Raphael Ogar Oko, who is as well respected a Global Educator, gave a presentation on the topic, “The New Future of Nigeria.” 

Dr. Oko expounded that after the first sixty years of British occupation, the north and west of Nigeria remained disunified in its culture and religion. Likewise, even though there were another sixty years where the Nationalists sought independence from the British, integration failed in urbanising the nation and rather resulted in tribalism. Dr. Oko implored leaders to educate its citizens, to create a conducive environment above all to raise future leaders. 

For the new Nigeria, there is a need for a: 
1. National Culture 
2. National Community 
3. Resources Development and Utilization 

Dr. Oko explained the origin of the universe from a religious viewpoint and how the youth of Nigeria should return to a life centred on integral values and principles. 
As well, he spoke about resource management in Nigeria, differences in religion, and ethnic divisions. 

Regarding the overview of Nigeria’s growth and fall, in his next presentation, Dr. Oko urged youth to cultivate the habit of promoting unity and harmony in society, rather than being involved in interactions that insight division within the nation.

Mr. Ebriku John Friday (The Role Of Media in the New Nigeria) advised youth to desist from disseminating any information without a thorough investigation of its authenticity; mentioning that this is in the best interest of the nation.
Other journalists in the meeting offered similar advice to the youth of Nigeria. 

Some questions arose that were answered by the keynote speakers.

The meeting came to an end with closing remarks given by IAYSP Nigeria President, Mr. Ogar Raphael Ekpo. In his closing remarks, President Ekpo urged the youth in Nigeria to embrace peace and become involved in initiatives that can develop their leadership capacity; and advised, especially, the members of IAYSP to become models for change that can expand positivity to all Nigerian youth.

Rev. Imoh Nkanta, the FFWPU National leader, bestowed the final words, including advice to the youth.